About BCM

Founded in 2000, Bares Capital Management, Inc., is an employee-owned asset management firm based in Austin, Texas. Our team of experienced investment professionals performs original fundamental research on publicly traded companies. We use this research to build institutional client portfolios that are concentrated in our most compelling long-only ideas.

Our research effort focuses on qualitative differentiators of businesses. We search for competitive excellence in our investments, with particular emphasis on business quality and sustainability, management talent, and growth potential. The objective of our research process is to identify a select group of companies that we believe will compound shareholder value at exceptionally high rates for long periods of time. We believe that market inefficiencies provide patient, prepared, and disciplined investors with opportunities to purchase equity securities of these companies at fractions of their future values.
At BCM, we have worked diligently to build and maintain an organization that consistently produces research-based insight; fosters a culture of integrity, excellence, curiosity, ownership, and collegiality; and provides a high level of client care and communication. As a trusted fiduciary, we are committed to putting clients first in support of their investment objectives. To this end, BCM has moderated asset growth, kept fees low, and aligned our incentives with the long-term goals of our clients.
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